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Welcome to the Whalers Youth Hockey Association

The Whalers is a youth ice hockey organization for boys and girls from locations in Middlesex County and other surrounding towns in the Middletown & Cromwell, CT area. We offer instructional (Learn To Play & House League) and competitive levels of play for children from four years of age through high school.

Our "home ice" is at Champions Skating Center in Cromwell, CT.   We are members of the Connecticut Hockey Conference, CT Valley Midget Hockey League and USA HOCKEY. Our Tier II, III, and IV level Travel Teams play games with similar teams from other organizations around the state and occasionally travel to other locations throughout the region for tournament competition.

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August 2, 2021   Whalers Families:   We hope...
USA Hockey Changes to Play

August 2, 2021


Whalers Families:


We hope this letter finds you well and enjoying your summer. In a few short weeks, we will be returning to the ice for another fun-filled, action-packed season! We cannot wait! 


Just as a reminder: In the ever-changing times of COVID, new variants, and constantly changing guidance from the CDC and State Department of Public Health – we wanted to inform you of our policy (which remains the same as last year.)


In the event that youth hockey is prohibited by the State of CT due to the COVID pandemic, all tuition will be prorated. With that being said, refunds will NOT be issued until the end of the actual season; this will allow for the possibility of extending the season beyond the original end date should the shutdown only be a short term one (as seen in the 2020-2021 season).


If a family personally chooses to opt out of the season over COVID concerns, there will be NO refund issued and no release from the organization. 


See you all soon!


by posted 08/02/2021
USA Hockey Changes to Play



Please take the time to read, review and familiarize yourself with USA HOCKEY’S NEW CHANGES TO PLAY for Mites through Bantams. These rules include changes in penalty minutes, checking at the Bantam level, and more. 


Please note: Referees are being trained on these new changes and will be enforcing them once the season begins. Again, these are changes coming down from USA HOCKEY, not the Whalers Organization. 






  1. No more tag up offsides—the new rule eliminates tag-up offsides at ALL youth levels. Immediate offside is now applied except HS and Adult. This rule has been in place for 12 and under but it is now all age groups.


  1. NO MORE LEGAL ICING WHEN SHORTHANDED – Prohibits ALL Youth Levels of play to legally ice the puck during shorthanded situations. The only exceptions are HS and Adult classifications. 


  1. After a penalty is called, the ensuing faceoff will take place in the zone of the offending team.


  1. New rule allows for attack zone face-off any time an attacking team attempts a shot on goal and puck goes out of play off of the posts, boards or glass.


  1. Less tolerance for penalties --  players to be assessed a game misconduct after 4 penalties (used to be 5) in the same game and a coach receiving a game suspension when the team accumulates 12 (used to be 15) penalties during the same game. 


  1. New rule establishes SHORTER MINOR PENALTY recommendations for periods less than 20 minutes in length (excluding Adults). 
  1. For periods 12 minutes or less= 1 minute penalties.
  2. For periods 12- 17 minutes = 1.30 minute penalties.
  3. For periods 17+ = 2 minute penalties.


  1. 12 minutes or less = 3 minutes for major or match
  2. 12-17 minutes = 4 minutes for major or match
  3. 17  minutes = 5 minutes for major or match


  1. An Unsportsmanlike penalty will be called for banging on the boards after a LEGAL OR ILLEGAL hit. 


  1. Body Checking is now called Competitive Contact. Contact must be made on the puck. Any physical contact that is made with an opposing player without an attempt for control of the puck will be penalized. (Bantams)


  1. Delayed body checks will be penalized. Once a player passes the puck, contact CONNOT be initiated. (Bantams)


The complete list of changes can be found at: https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/1978/75701.pdf


Whalers Board of Directors

by posted 07/13/2021
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