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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes



Board Members Present: Pete Gerardi (Co-President), John Hissick (Co-President),  Mike Soderlund (Vice President/Registrar), Trevor Sides (Treasurer), Erin Crowley (Secretary), Drew Clarkin (Hockey Director), Bryan Ingram (Web Master), Bob Crawford, Bob Walker (CHC Representative), and Linda Walker (SafeSport Coordinator). 


The meeting was also well attended by several parents.  Thanks to all those who were able to attend. 


SafeSport Report (Linda Walker):  Improvement needed with respect to reporting injuries both on and off the ice.   All injuries require the Head Coach to file an injury report within 48 hours and submitted to Linda either by email or put in the purple folder in the office. 


All Coaches and parent volunteers are required to obtain a SafeSport Certificate by completing the online training. 


Linda advised that the rink now has a defibrillator.  A health fair will be held prior to the start of the 2016-2017 season. 


With respect to safety, it was discussed that consideration should be given to making the checking clinics mandatory. 


Hockey Operations Report (Drew Clarkin):  The organization is light on Mites, there are 2 full Squirt teams, 2 full Pee Wee teams, and a Pee Wee B team that could use 4-5 more players, two full Bantam Teams, with a third team possible.  Whalers have posted on the CHC website for players needed to round out rosters.  Drew reported that he would be sending the rosters to the BOD for final approval. 


John Hissick reported that his Hartford Junior Wolfpack Futures team is an option for Whalers players wishing to play at the Midget level. 


The idea of hosting a hockey swap was brought up.  It was discussed that this could be organized to be the same day as the health fair. 


 Bid’s will be sought from Cheshire Sports and Jen from the Champions Shop regarding uniforms.  Once the BOD determines the best option, uniform fittings will be scheduled.    All players should have the track suits, and if an individual coach chooses something different it is discussed with the team.  Cathy Albano has the list of Whalers numbers, which will be obtained prior to assignment of numbers to new players. 


 The organization will send an email out to assess interest for spring/summer skills. 

There was discussion around hiring facilitators, such as IPH or NETS, or having the Whalers coaches run the clinics.  It was agreed that Drew would contact the Whalers coaches to see who could be available to run the skills sessions. 


Discussion around ice schedule was tabled, as the organization needs to let the rink know the ice needs prior to determining a schedule. 


 The Whalers hosting a Winter Tournament was discussed.  The tournament would be the week between Christmas and New Years.  The tournament would include Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam. Regarding Mites,  it was discussed that it would depend on what other Mite Jamborees were happening around that time.  It was discussed that a volunteer committee would be needed and should include volunteers from each level participating. 


CHC Report (Bob Walker): Bob reported that CHC is not going to have tiers this year, except for Bantam Tier 2.  CHC plans to “rank” teams based on record.  The first ranking will be on 11/1/16.  Teams have to have played 10 games by 11/1/16 in order to be ranked.  There is discussion around the season starting on 9/15/16, but this is not yet official. 


Treasurer Report (Trevor Sides): Payment continues to be sought from families who have outstanding tuition due from the 2015-2016 season.   The Whalers have incurred some debt owed to Champions.  Bob Crawford has offered the Whalers to pay this debt down over the next few years.  The exact debt is currently being calculated, as the Whalers have some credits coming in from the rink and CHC, and still needs to bill for the Bantam tournament that the Whalers just hosted.   The Whalers need to implement fundraising in an effort to resolve debt, as well as secure financial stability for the future.  The Whalers would like to establish a fundraising committee to focus on maximizing fundraising opportunities and efforts.   An email will be sent out to see who else is interested.   It was mentioned that the Whalers should have a 503c letter on the web site that could be given to people/businesses who make donations.    Trevor reported that since taking on the treasurer role, he has saved the organization approximately $20k by changing the credit card processing company. 


Vacant Board Positions: The Whalers currently need to fill the positions of Registrar and Master Scheduler.  There is some interest in the Master Scheduler position.  It was discussed that it may be beneficial to have more than one person in the Master Scheduler role.  Mike Soderlund discussed some of the Registrar responsibilities.  The BOD will send out an email regarding these vacant positions that will include responsibilities associated with each role. 


Discussion regarding By-laws and the Newsletter were tabled for the next meeting.



Next BOD meeting will be held on 5/2/16 at 7pm.

The Agenda for that meeting will be posted on the web site by 4/25/16.