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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes



Board Members Present: Pete Gerardi (Co-President), Trevor Sides (Treasurer), Erin Crowley (Secretary), Drew Clarkin (Hockey Director), and Bryan Ingram (Web Master). 


 Thank you to the parents who were able to attend. 


Board Business:


  • Board Meeting minutes from the 5/2/16 meeting were approved.


  • A Board vote was unanimous regarding Sheila Reilly becoming Master Scheduler.  It was discussed that another organization member may also be appointed to assist with the Master Scheduler position.  Pete will reach out to that member. 


  • No one has expressed interest regarding the Registrar position.  Mike Soderlund will remain in this role at this time. 


  • It was discussed that team managers and schedulers need to be identified by coaches by 7/7/16.  The Whalers will be having a meeting for those identified by mid July to go over the respective roles, as well as CHC changes that will impact scheduling prior to the CHC meeting.  Coach Clarkin will email the coaches requesting that they provide the names of their team’s manager and scheduler by 7/7/16. 


  • The Whalers season kickoff party is scheduled for 8/20/16 at the rink.


  • Erin will reach out to Linda Walker about having the health fair during the season kick off party. 


Hockey Operations


•Coach Clarkin reported positive feedback regarding the first skills session.  The coach/player ratio was great for the Mites/Squirts.  The ratio was also good for Pee Wee/Bantams, with the expectation that a couple more coaches will join future sessions.  Parent feedback was also positive regarding the goalie specific coaching during the skills session.


•Coach Clarkin requested the purchase of pucks, cones, and buckets for each team.  This was approved. 


•There was discussion around the most effective way to provide goalie specific training during the upcoming season, as well as who the organization will utilize for the training.  Further discussion will occur before a decision is made. 


•Pete reported that there is a preliminary practice schedule.  Once finalized, this will be shared with coaches and then distributed to the organization. 


•Pete has again reached out to Northeast Ice Dogs regarding their Pee Wees.


•There was discussion regarding the players that were not offered commitments at the Bantam level.  More discussion will need to occur with Bob Crawford once skill is assessed at the end of the summer.  There are currently not enough players for a third team, and there is concern regarding safety at that level. 


•Erin will contact Cheshire Sports regarding cost of track suits for coaches.


•Erin will contact Home Team Supply to order Whalers rocker stickers for helmets.


•Coach Clarkin mentioned the need to establish a winter tournament committee.  He discussed that he will meet with Pete, John Hissick, and Bob Crawford to establish this committee.  The tournament will be an invitational and invitations need to go out soon.


•Team sponsors will be sought.  The cost to sponsor a team will be $500.  


•Discussions regarding a Coaching Director was tabled.




  • Erin reported that there was a fundraising meeting on 7/16/16.  Several ideas were discussed.  There will be a bake sale, as well as merchandise sale, during the season kickoff party on 8/20/16.  This should generate some income for the Whalers.


  • Sheila Reilly proposed a Wine Tasting Event at the Arrigoni Winery as a fundraising opportunity.  This has been well received and anticipated to be a successful, and fun, event.  Sheila has secured the facility for 9/24/16.  The Board voted to move forward with this event and provide the $350 deposit. 


  •  Erin discussed the Whalers accepted the opportunity to run the Hartford Wolfpack preseason game on 10/9/16 at the rink as another fundraising opportunity.  During the fundraising meeting, the possibility of a bake sale and raffle during the game opportunities were discussed.


  • Erin discussed that Champions will be providing a list of pricing for businesses to advertise at the rink.  The Whalers will receive a percentage of ads sold. 


  • Pete discussed the possibility of hosting a car raffle.  More information regarding this possibility will be sought out before a decision is made. 


  •  Bryan shared fundraising ideas that he experienced while at a hockey camp last week.  Ideas included a “chuck a duck”, coupon books, and selling tickets for large cash prize raffles.  These ideas will be further discussed at the next fundraising meeting. 


Treasurer Report  


  • Payment continues to be sought from families who have outstanding tuition due from the 2015-2016 season.   Little progress has been made since the last BOD meeting in collecting outstanding tuition.  The Board has voted to take legal action against a family who has made no effort to resolve debt. 


  • It was reported that the Whalers have negotiated a plan to address the past debt owed to Champions.  


  • Trevor reported that he has billed CHC for the state tournament hosted by the Whalers, a well as for the portion of the Mite Boards that CHC agreed to pay.  The total expected from the CHC is $33,000.


  • Fundraising efforts are anticipated to assist in paying off the past debt, as well as strengthen the financial stability of the organization for the future.