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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Pete Gerardi (Co-President), Trevor Sides (Treasurer), Erin Crowley (Secretary), Bob Walker (CHC Rep), and Sheila Reilly (Master Scheduler). Drew Clarkin (Hockey Director), provided a hockey update by phone.Thank you to the parents who were able to attend.


Board Business:


  • Board Meeting minutes from the 7/20/16 meeting were approved.
  • The Board will continue to seek a Registrar.  Another email will be sent out to the organization.
  • Erin is working with Kathleen on getting flyers out to the schools regarding Learn to Play.  It was discussed that CHC reimburses 50% of the cost of advertising as part of their Grow the Game program.  



Hockey Operations


  • Coach Clarkin reported that the skills sessions started this week.  Pro Crease has also started their work with the goalies.  He reported receiving positive feedback regarding Pro Crease’s work with the goalies.

  • The Board was able to secure a more intensive goalie skills program at less cost this season.

  • Planning is still underway for the Whalers Winter Invitational Tournament at Champions  Dates are 12/27/16-12/30/16.  Whalers teams Squirts through Bantams will be included. It was discussed that while Whalers participation is not mandatory, it is encouraged. It was discussed that this is an opportunity for the Whalers to demonstrate the strength of the organization, as well as generate some income.  We will be seeking volunteers to assist throughout the tournament.

  • Pete reported that Practice Jerseys were ordered a few days prior through Cheshire Sport.  Sponsorship is needed for at least one more team.

  • It was discussed that all players should be getting dressed in the designated locker rooms.  Players should not be dressing in the hallways or on benches.  An email was sent out to the organization reflecting such.

  • A concern was raised regarding the time of some of the team practices.  It was discussed that every effort was made to ensure no team had Monday/Friday practices, and some scheduling had to work around coaches who re coaching multiple teams.

  • It was discussed that with respect to the Bantam C (In house) team, 4 families are interested in participating.  This will be further explored.

  • The Whalers received a donation of 9 Sport First Aide kits, allowing one for each team.  The Whalers also purchased additional ice packs to replenish the kits as needed.  All were cautioned that care of injuries by Whalers coaches/volunteers is kept to providing band aides and ice packs, and not care that would require a specific certification, unless the person providing it is so certified.  






  • Sheila Reilly is heading the Wine Tasting Event at the Arrigoni Winery on 9/24/16.  She provided flyers to each team manager during the managers meeting.  There will be food and raffle prizes available.  
  • The Whalers will be hosting the Hartford Wolfpack preseason game on 10/9/16 at the rink as another fundraising opportunity.  There will be a bake sale and raffle opportunities. 
  • A suggestion was made to add a Donate button on the web site to allow for people to donate directly through the site.  


Treasurer Report  


  • More past tuition has been collected.  One family has been brought to collection due to no effort to resolve debt. 
  • It was discussed that the Whalers will have a shortage with respect to operating costs this season. Fundraising efforts are underway to help offset the deficit. The Winter tournament is anticipated to generate a sizable income. It was further discussed that the Whalers will likely seek to host a CHC state tournament, which will generate a substantial amount of income for the organization. 

  • It was reported that the Whalers have already paid the first years worth of payments toward the past debt owed to Champions.  

  • Trevor will add a Sponsor Button on the web site to allow for easier application for potential sponsors.